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TALTON JONES, Taking Circuit by Storm

Check out the dynamic play-maker that is gaining interest every game!

Flight 22 Hall of Famer, Rian Holland Tries Out for Hornets!

Former Flight 22 standout and Hall of Famer, Rian Holland, looks to further his basketball career  with a try-out from the NBA's Charlotte Hornets.  The star from Wichita State and Mercer is a sharpshooter who will land a professional roster.  Also is in talks with overseas organizations!  

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Great Writeup on Founder and Head Coach Nate Faulk 

More Flight Alums in the Pros

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Flight 22 Alums Making an Impact in the Pros

Many Flight alums go on to play pro ball. Whether it's NBA, overseas, or even on the football field, Flight produces top tier athletes. 

Flight 22 Basketball is a grassroots organizations built on the continued and unwaivering support of numerous volunteers and small businesses.  We strive to provide student athletes with an outlet and opportunity to get seen by scouts and coaches from all levels.  If you would like to join the Flight 22 Team please support us by visting.....

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Flight22 Basketball has, through the investment of time and money, developed a unique program of showcase basketball.  The ability to find, cultivate, market and showcase student-athletes using the Flight22 name will be reviewed by the Flight22 Board and ultimately approved by the President and one other board member.

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