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The organization began in 2001 and was known as the "Wilmington Warriors." Founder, Nathan Faulk, had early success in showcase basketball helping several young athletes earn collegiate scholarships.  The organization changed names in 2007 to "Flight 22" in honor and recognition of alum Cedric Simmons. After playing with Flight, Simmons joined the Wolfpack at NC State, where he was a standout and was selected as an NBA Lottery Pick. 


Flight 22 has enjoyed much success under Coach Faulk. The organization finished 7th in the state in 2002, won 2009 May Madness, 2010 Big Shots Clemson, 2010 Big Shots Winthrop, and 2014 Big Shots Myrtle Beach (1) tournaments. The team has had 20+ wins the past three seasons, finishing just outside the top 25 listing by Big Shots for non shoe sponsored teams in 2010.​ This year Flight left that category when they inked a partial sponsorship deal with Under Armour.


Players within the Flight organization have benefited from Coach Faulk's connections within the collegiate world and his ability to not only get them signed, but get them signed to the right program. Check out a portion of our prestigious alumni list and where Flight 22 has landed players.



Cedric Simmons                                        

Rian Holland                      

Malik Pugh                      

Reggie Bonner                

Stillman White                   

Elijah Wilson                   

LD Williams                              

Drew Combs                    

CJ Ford                           

Kris Clark                          

Jason Battle                    

Joseph Harris               

Bryant Edwards                 

Cole Dewey                  

Jason Aycock              

Mario Cuarios             

Will Keistler                      

Darien Hugie                

DJ Mason                     


West Brunswick High School

South View High School

Dyer County High School

Conway High School

Hoggard High School

Laney High School


Ashley High School

Westover High School

New Hanover High School

New Hanover High School

Lejeune High School

South Columbus High School

South Johnston High School

Cape Fear Academy

West Columbus High School

Hoggard High School

Laney High School

West Bladen High School

NC State

Wichita State

UNC Wilmington


UNC Chapel Hill

Coastal Carolina

Wake Forest

Guilford College

Murray State

Utah State


Coastal Carolina

Milligan College


UNC Wilmington

Mexican National Team


San Diego Mesa


New Orleans Hornets



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