Section 1:          General
              1.01-    Purpose: Flight 22 Basketball works to develop, hone, and teach skills that will enable players to have the ability to take their game                                 from a local, to a regional, to a national, and even to international levels. Flight 22 basketball will not only act as guardians of the                                     game, but will purposefully assist in raising the next generation of leaders. Flight 22 not only specializes in training athletes, but also                             in mentoring young coaches.
             1.02-    Core Values: With a tradition of excellence and integrity, the Flight 22 program and players have prided themselves for over a decade                            in demonstrating life skills such as commitment, discipline, loyalty, sportsmanship, and teamwork. Dedication, energy, and passion                                drives a staff whose common goal is to help put these student athletes in a position to achieve their dreams of higher education                                    through the means of basketball.
            1.03-    General Meeting:  A general meeting is to take place annually.  This meeting is to be held between the fifteenth of February and the                               fifteenth of March and is to include at least, but not limited to, the following officers: President, Vice President, 2 Board Members,                                 and 2 Coaches.  At this meeting the direction of the program and its teams will take on the upcoming season.  Program positions will                             be decided by the President.  Goals for the upcoming season will be discussed.  Any additions to the program need to be discussed as                           well as a schedule for each team will be decided.  This meeting will also review the program’s constitution and has the authority to                                 amend this document upon a seventy five percent majority vote. 


Section II:             OFFICERS AND DUTIES
             2.01-             President of Operations:  This position is the foremost authority on anything Flight22. 
a. Functions will be to call to order and lead meetings. 
b. Functions as the one to give final decision or tie-breaking vote if necessary.
c. In charge of cultivating and fostering sponsorship relationships and other types of financial sources. 
d. Collects and manages funds for general account and probationary coaches. 
e. Serves as a supportive resource for all members.    
2016 acting President of Operations and Founder will be Nathan Faulk
            2.02-             Vice President of Operations:
a. In the absence of the President, shall be acting President
b. Shall perform duties assigned by the President
c. May be designated to cover recruiting and expansion in specific areas determined by the  President
d. Serves as supportive resource for all members

2016 acting Vice Presidents will be Clint Robinson and Patrick McCarthy 
            2.03-             Board of Directors:
a. Serve as government body for organization, vote on key decision
b. Manage and keep bank accounts as necessary
c. Serve as Flight22 representatives in all settings
d. Carries out duties assigned by President or Vice President
e. Coordinate and maintain all program correspondence
f. Serves as a supportive resource for coaches and media coordinator.
2016 Board of Directors:  Jeremy Clegg, Dominque Owens, Danielle Bongiorno, Kyle Cross, Jamie Rhew- (Head of Board)
            2.04-            Head and Assistant Coaches:
a. Sanctioned Coaches:  These are coaches within the Flight22 organization that will recruit, select and manage players/team without the oversight of the Board Directors and the President.   
b. Probationary Coaches:  These are coaches that are new to Flight or the showcase seasons that will require oversight from both the     President and Board of Directors.
c. The title of “Head” or “Assistant” coach, along with the coach status “Sanctioned” or “Probationary,” will be determined at the general meeting prior to the start of the season by the President and Vice Presidents. 
d. Coaches will be in charge of recruiting players for their teams
e. Coaches will be in charge of determining offenses and defenses along with assigning playing time
f. Coaches will be responsible for having their team prepared and ready to play at the designated time and location of the events
            2.05-            Media Coordinator
a. Media Coordinator handles online Flight activities including: website creation, content updates, print media, digital marketing efforts, photography
2016 Media Coordinators: Sean White, Patrick McCarthy
            3.01-              Coach Membership:     
a. Coaches for Flight22 Basketball will be selected by the President of Operations.  Each coach will have the freedom to choose their assistants, but will need to seek approval of the appointments by the President. 
b. Coaches will be assigned a team at the General Meeting in the beginning of the season.  Coaching positions are to be renewed at the discretion of the on an annual basis. Coaches may be dismissed from Flight22 at any point in time if the President so desires. 
            3.02-             Coach Eligibility:
a. Prior to coaching in any practice or tournament there is a requirement of ALL Flight22 coaches to be NCAA certified.  This is to be completed by April 1st of the year in which they are chosen to coach.  Failing to do so could result in NCAA fines and/or sanctions and suspension and/or dismissal from Flight22 Basketball. 
            3.03-             Player Membership:
a. In order to be selected on a Flight22 team players are required to attend a tryout or skill session. 
b. The player must also be of high school age and birthday falls on the appropriate date for their specific age group. 
c. Players will be charged a team fee and have a liability waiver. 
            3.04-             Player Skill Evaluation:
a. Players will only be asked to join Flight22 after a skill evaluation session.  There will be tryout dates posted for public on the program website and through social media outlets. 
b. Players who cannot attend the tryout must notify a coach and attempt to an evaluation session, which may result in a recommendation from coach or a Flight22 coach witnessing the player in some form of basketball activity. 
Section IV:            TEAM ROSTERS
           4.01-    Placement:
a. After a player skill evaluation session has been conducted players will be discussed and placed on a roster that best fits their personal abilities and the individual team that can best utilize them.  These decisions will be made by the executive team of Presidents, Board Members and Coaches. 
b. In order to secure a roster spot each player must pay, either in full or partial amount agreed upon between coach and player, team fees.
c. All rosters must be completed and uploaded to the official team website,, and included in any tournament registration necessary to play, at least one week prior to playing in tournaments.     
d. Players may be moved from team to team based on need and coach discretion.
            4.02-    Playing Time:
a. Playing time is NOT guaranteed for any player. 
b. Lineups will be determined at the discretion of the head coach of each team. 
c. In order to play any minutes in any event a player must have paid, in full or partial amount, their team fees.
d. A full disclosure liability waiver will be given to each player upon making a Flight22 roster.  This form must be signed and dated by both the player and their legal guardian. 

            4.03-    Removal from Roster:
a. If a player has not turned in any team fees by tournament events, or assigned due dates, they are subject to being let go.  
b. Players are subject to release if they do not wear contractible gear.  During the 2015 showcase season Flight22 is under contract with Under Armour. 
c. Players are subject to release if they violate any conduct rules, this includes on court, in travel, or even away from the team, i.e. school, public areas, social media, or any location where they may tarnish the reputation of Flight22. 
d. Players are subject to release if they repeatedly “under-perform” to program standards in games.  Minimum three games must be played before releasing players from Flight22 due to poor performance. 
e. Players are to commit to playing for Flight 22 Basketball ONLY for the designated season in which accept an invitation to play for Flight 22 Basketball.  Players that play for other teams at ANY point during the same showcase calendar year will be subject to removal from the roster.   
f. Removal MUST be approved by both the head coach and the President. 
g. Players will be notified of their release within forty-eight hours of decision being made. 
Section V:            FINANCAL PROCEDURES
*It is important to understand that costs for the Flight22 Basketball Program can and will vary depending on the particular season, team, and locations.  All financial information will be disclosed upon making a roster.*
5.01-            Administrative Costs: 
a. Paper Costs- Printing flyers, packet, fundraising information, etc. 
b. Gym/Training Costs- Gym rentals, and team/individual skill training fees
c. Tournament Fees-  Recruiting/Scouting tournaments have administrative fees associated with competing in their events. 
5.02-             Travel Costs:
a. Hotel costs- For certain tournaments players will be accommodated with a hotel room to share with teammates on the road.
b. Van costs- For certain tournaments teams will rent 12-15 person passenger vans to transport players and coaches. Team funds will also be used for gas. 
5.03-             Fundraising:
a. Individual teams will be required to hold their players accountable to assisting in fundraising.  Each team’s set of coaches will get together and plan at least two fundraisers during the months of April and May. 
b. During the General Meeting the executive team will plan a large fundraiser to assist the program as a whole.  This will go into the team’s general account and distributed based off need and amount of funds raised by individual teams.
5.04-             General Account: 
a. Part of each player’s team fees will include a $25 segment that will be put into a general team account. 
b. The general account will be used for miscellaneous items that come up through the Flight22 season such as, but not limited to, website maintenance, coaches gear, insurance, and any “needs” certain athletes may have.
5.05-             Insurance: 
a. Insurance is handled by Sadler and Company for the entire program.  This account will be handled by the President and Founder. This will include medical, unfair, unjust, and discrimination claims. 
b. Rental Vans will also be insured at the time of rental for each team.  These will be done through the individual rental companies, (Enterprise/Alamo Rentals). 


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