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First Annual 3 v 3 Tournament!

Sign Up TODAY, limited spots!

Gather your team and follow the steps below:  

1.  Each team will have ONE captain that registers the team and pays the team dues.

2.  If you choose to select a uniform top/ shirt and a company would like to sponsor,  their logo can be placed on the back with other sponsoring companies.  Just email the logo to


3.  Register on the playerspace link, follow the step by step instructions.


4.  If purchasing the uniform tops, please view the different colors and styles, and distinguish each on the playerspace registeration link.


5. The VIP access will be a lounge for players to hang in between games, compete with food, beverages, and lounging.


6.  Teams will be placed in pools of 4, 3 games, top seed advances.


7.  Please review USA basketball 3 v 3 rules, games played as such.




Columbia Blue



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